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Doro Live
Doro Live (Front).jpg
Live album by Doro
Released 1 November 1993
Recorded "Angels Never Die - Tour '93" in Germany
Genre Heavy metal
Length 69:31
Label Vertigo
Producer Keith Bessey
Doro chronology
Angels Never Die
Doro Live
Machine II Machine
Doro Live '93
Doro Live 93.jpg
Video by Doro
Released 1993
Genre Heavy metal
Length 90:27
Label Polygram
Director Michael Souvigner
Producer Keith Bessey
Doro chronology
Rare Diamonds
Doro Live '93
Für Immer

Doro Live was the first official live album by German hard rock singer Doro Pesch, recorded during the Angels Never Die tour in Germany and released by Vertigo in 1993.[1] The VHS Doro Live '93 was released at the same time only in Europe. It was filmed during two concerts in Germany on 6 and 7 October 1993 and contains two more songs: "The Fortuneteller" and "East Meets West".[2]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "I Rule the Ruins" Doro Pesch, Joey Balin 4:09
2. "Hellbound" Peter Szigeti, Henri Staroste, Pesch, Frank Rittel, Michael Eurich, Rudy Graf 2:42
3. "Only You" Gene Simmons 4:31
4. "Bad Blood" Pesch, Jack Ponti, Vic Pepe 4:13
5. "So Alone Together" Pesch, Gary Scruggs 5:24
6. "Fall for Me Again" Pesch, Scruggs 4:24
7. "Für Immer" Pesch, Balin 6:02
8. "Metal Tango" Pesch, Balin 4:03
9. "Let's Rock Forever" (previously unreleased) Pesch, Scruggs 2:20
10. "Eye on You" Pesch, Ponti, Pepe 2:56
11. "All We Are" Pesch, Balin 5:22
12. "Enough for You" Pesch, Ponti, Pepe 4:57
13. "I Am What I Am" Pesch, Balin, Tommy Henriksen 2:43
14. "Whenever I Think of You" (previously unreleased) Pesch, Scruggs 4:24
15. "Children of the Night" (previously unreleased) Pesch, Scruggs 4:04
16. "Burning the Witches" Graf 3:29
17. "Alles Ist Gut" Pesch, Staroste, W. Plass 3:48
Total length: 69:31


  • Doro Pesch – vocals
  • Joe Taylor – lead electric and acoustic guitars, backing vocals
  • Jimmy DiLella – electric and acoustic guitars, keyboards, backing vocals
  • Nick Douglas – bass, keyboards, backing vocals
  • Johnny Dee – drums


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