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Dorodnitsyn Computing Centre (Russian: Вычислительный центр им. А. А. Дородницына РАН), known as the Computing Centre of the Academy of Sciences (CC RAS) until 2015, is a research institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences of the Soviet Union. It was established in 1955.

The Computing Centre's main building in Moscow.

Its areas of research include:

Anatoly Dorodnitsyn, for whom the centre is named, was its director from 1955–1989.

The prestigious Journal of Computational Mathematics and Mathematical Physics has been published by the Computing Centre since 1960.

The game Tetris was created by Alexey Pajitnov at the Computing Centre.

After 15 June 2015, CC RAS was included in Federal research centre "Informatic and Control" of RAS and now no longer exists as an independent institute.


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