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Dorona Alberti (born 1975, Maastricht) is a singer and actress whose projects include: industrial music act KMFDM, Hobson, Fairocious, Old Shoes, Pick up the Pieces, Briskey, and most recently, the Dutch/Belgian Lounge group Gare du Nord.


Alberti studied theater at and University of Amsterdam and jazz at Rotterdam Conservatory.[1] She began working with KMFDM in 1992, and performed on most of the albums in the 1990s. In 1999, she had a role in a short Dutch-language Flemish film called To Speak, which is available on a compilation DVD titled 10 jaar Leuven Kort.

Dorona currently resides in Rotterdam.



Gare du Nord

  • Sex 'n' Jazz (2007)
  • Love For Lunch (2009)
  • Lilywhite Soul (2011)
  • Lifesexy (2012)
  • Stronger! (2015)


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