Dorotheus of Antioch

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Dorotheus[1] was Arian Archbishop of Constantinople from c.388 until his death in 407. Preceding his elevation to the see of Constantinople, Dorotheus had served as Arian bishop of Antioch, having succeeded Euzoius of Antioch in 376.

Dorotheus' accession to the episcopal throne in Constantinople marked a period of turmoil within the Arian community of the metropolis. Dorotheus displaced the previous Archbishop, Marinus of Thrace, leading to a division of the community.


  1. ^ Socrates Scholasticus, Church History, Book 7.6. Dorotheus was reputed to have lived to the age of 119.
Orthodox Church titles
Preceded by
Marinus of Thrace
Arian Archbishop of Constantinople
Succeeded by
Barbas of Constantinople