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Dorothy Barresi (born November 13, 1957 Buffalo, New York) is an American poet.

Dorothy Barresi
Occupation Poet
Language English
Nationality American
Education MFA, MA
Alma mater Univ. of Akron; Univ. of Pittsburgh; Univ. of Massachusetts
Period Contemporary
Genre Poetry
Notable awards Barnard New Women Poet Prize, Pushcart Prize, American Book Award, NEA Fellowship
Spouse Phil Matero
Children Dante and Andrew


She was raised in Akron, Ohio. She teaches in the English Department at California State University at Northridge[1]

Her work has appeared in Antioch Review,[2] AGNI,[3] Gettysburg Review, Harvard Review, Indiana Review,[4] Kenyon Review, Mid-American Review,[5] Parnassus, POETRY, Pool,[6] Ploughshares,[7] Virginia Quarterly Review, Triquarterly and Southern Review.[8]

She has served often as a judge for the Los Angeles Times Book Award in Poetry.

She is married to Phil Matero, and they have sons Andrew and Dante. They live in the San Fernando Valley.[9]







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Much contemporary poetry fits into one of the many aesthetic categories that lie between the polar opposites of the radically "experimental" poem and the "traditional," often formal, poem. Dorothy Barresi’s work, however, is singular in its resistance, better yet, rejection, of current poetic camps. Part Sylvia Plath, part John Donne, Barresi handles both surprise and expectation with deftness, displaying uncommon verbal ingenuity and intelligence of investigation. Her third book, Rouge Pulp, spins poems of startling metaphysical image shot through with slang and pop culture. Her narrators are bold, swaggering through the poems as if to say, if we’re all intersections of discourses nowadays, then their job is to speak those multiple voices as articulately as possible.[10]

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