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Dorothy Kunhardt (née Dorothy Meserve; September 29, 1901 – December 23, 1979) was an American children's-book author, best known for the baby book Pat the Bunny. [1] She was also a historian and writer about the life of U.S. President Abraham Lincoln.

Personal life[edit]

A daughter of historian Frederick Hill Meserve,[2] she was born in New York City and graduated from Bryn Mawr College in 1923.[3][4] She married Philip B. Kunhardt, Sr. (son of George E. Kunhardt), a New Yorker and a Harvard Crimson football letterwinner.[5][6] They had four children:


Kunhardt wrote nearly 50 books, including one of the bestselling children's books of all time, Pat the Bunny, which has sold over six million copies.[15][16] She had initially written it for her youngest child Edith, who has followed her mother's footsteps and is a popular children's author.[17] Other works include the well known Twenty Days, an account of Lincoln's assassination and the twenty days that followed, which she wrote with her son, Philip B. Kunhardt, Jr.; Tiny Animal Stories; The Telephone Book; Lucky Mrs. Ticklefeather; Brave Mr. Buckingham; Junket is Nice (1933); Wise Old Aard-Vark (1936); and Now Open the Box.


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