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The Dorothy Livesay Poetry Prize, established in 1986, is awarded annually to the best collection of poetry by a resident of British Columbia, Canada.

One of the B.C. Book Prizes, the award was originally known as the B.C. Prize for Poetry. In 1989, it was renamed after poet Dorothy Livesay, whose Day and Night (1944) and Poems for People (1947) received the Governor General's Award for Poetry

Winners and nominees[edit]

Year Winner Nominated
1986 Blue ribbon Joe Rosenblatt, Poetry Hotel
1987 Blue ribbon Diana Hartog, Candy from Strangers
1988 Blue ribbon Patricia Young, All I Ever Needed was a Beautiful Room
  • Norm Sibum, Eight Poems
  • Sharon Thesen, The Beginning of the Long Dash
1989 Blue ribbon Charles Lillard, Circling North
1990 Blue ribbon Victoria Walker, Suitcase
  • Marlene Cookshaw, The Whole Elephant
  • Maureen McCarthy, The Girls in the Last Seat Waving
1991 Blue ribbon Jeff Derksen, Down Time
1992 Blue ribbon Barry McKinnon, Pulplog
1993 Blue ribbon bill bissett, Inkorrect Thoughts
  • Kirsten Emmott, How Do You Feel?
  • Diana Hartog, Polite to Bees: A Bestiary
1994 Blue ribbon Gregory Scofield, The Gathering: Stones for the Medicine Wheel
1995 Blue ribbon Linda Rogers, Hard Candy
1996 Blue ribbon Patrick Lane, Too Spare, Too Fierce
1997 Blue ribbon Margo Button, The Unhinging of Wings
1998 Blue ribbon Patricia Young, What I Remember from My Time on Earth
1999 Blue ribbon David Zieroth, How I Joined Humanity at Last
2000 Blue ribbon Lorna Crozier, What the Living Won't Let Go
2001 Blue ribbon Don McKay, Another Gravity
2002 Blue ribbon Karen Solie, Short Haul Engine
2003 Blue ribbon bill bissett, peter among th towring boxes / text bites
  • Colin Browne, Ground Water
  • Marlene Cookshaw, Shameless
  • Patrick Friesen, The Breath You Take from the Lord
  • Tom Wayman, My Father's Cup
2004 Blue ribbon Philip Kevin Paul, Taking the Names Down from the Hill
2005 Blue ribbon Jan Zwicky, Robinson's Crossing
2006 Blue ribbon Meredith Quartermain, Vancouver Walking
  • Stephen Collis, Anarchive
  • Jordan Scott, Silt
  • George Sipos, Anything But the Moon
  • Jan Zwicky, Thirty-seven Small Songs & Thirteen Silences
2007 Blue ribbon Don McKay, Strike / Slip
2008 Blue ribbon Rita Wong, Forage
2009 Blue ribbon Daphne Marlatt, The Given
  • Elise Partridge, Chameleon Hours
  • Nilofar Shidmehr, Shirin and Salt Man
  • George Stanley, Vancouver: A Poem
  • Karen Hofmann, Water Strider
2010 Blue ribbon Fred Wah, Is a Door
2011 Blue ribbon Stephen Collis, On the Material
2012 Blue ribbon John Pass, Crawlspace
2013 Blue ribbon Sarah de Leeuw, Geographies of a Lover
2014 Blue ribbon Jordan Abel, The Place of Scraps
2015 Blue ribbon Cecily Nicholson, From the Poplars
2016 Blue ribbon Raoul Fernandes, Transmitter and Receiver
  • Ali Blythe, Twoism
  • Amber Dawn, Where the words end and my body begins
  • Miranda Pearson, The Fire Extinguisher
  • Jeff Steudel, Foreign Park
2017 Blue ribbon Adèle Barclay, If I Were in a Cage I’d Reach Out for You
  • Anne Fleming, poemw
  • Juliane Okot Bitek, 100 Days
  • Rob Taylor, The News
  • Richard Therrien, Sleeping in Tall Grass

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