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Portrait of Lady Dorothy Stanley, by George Frederick Watts

Dorothy Tennant (22 March 1855 – 5 October 1926) was a Victorian neoclassicist British painter.[1]

She was born in in Russell Square, London, the second daughter of Charles Tennant (1796-1873) and Gertrude Barbara Rich Collier (1819–1918). She studied painting under Edward Poynter at the Slade School of Fine Art and with Jean-Jacques Henner in Paris.[2][3]

In 1890, she married the explorer of Africa, Henry Morton Stanley,[1] and became known as Lady Stanley. She edited her husband's autobiography,[1] reportedly removing any references to other women in Stanley's life.

After Stanley's death, she married Henry Jones Curtis (died 19 February 1944), a pathologist, surgeon and writer, in 1907.[4]

She was also an author and illustrated several books,[5] including London Street Arabs, 1890.[6]




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