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Portrait of Lady Dorothy Stanley, by George Frederick Watts

Dorothy Tennant (22 March 1855 – 5 October 1926) was a Victorian neoclassicist British painter.[1]

She was born in Russell Square, London, the second daughter of Charles Tennant and Gertrude Barbara Rich Collier (1819–1918). She studied painting under Edward Poynter at the Slade School of Fine Art, London and with Jean-Jacques Henner in Paris.[2][3]

In 1890, she married the explorer of Africa, Henry Morton Stanley,[1] and became known as Lady Stanley. She edited her husband's autobiography,[1] reportedly removing any references to other women in Stanley's life.

After Stanley's death, she married in 1907 Henry Jones Curtis (died 19 February 1944), a pathologist, surgeon and writer.[4]

She was also an author and illustrated several books,[5] including London Street Arabs in 1890.[6]




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