Dorrego (Buenos Aires Metro)

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The original signage is still preserved
One of the entrances of the station, at a corner of the Parque de los Andes

Dorrego is a station on Line B of the Buenos Aires Metro.[1][2][3]

It is located at the intersection of Avenida Corrientes and Avenida Dorrego, and named after the latter. One of the corners of the Parque de los Andes is also located at that intersection.

Dorrego station is located 100 metres (330 ft) from the Chacarita Station of the San Martín Line.


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Línea B (SBA).svg Line B

Coordinates: 34°35′30.2″S 58°26′51.3″W / 34.591722°S 58.447583°W / -34.591722; -58.447583