Dorsal nerve of the clitoris

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Dorsal nerve of clitoris
McKay 1909 3.png
1, Suspensory ligaments of clitoris; 2, glans clitoridis ; 3, posterior superficial perineal nerve; 4, fascia lata; 5, inferior pudendal nerve; 6, sphincter vaginac muscle ; 7, erector clitoridis muscle; 8, superficial perineal artery; 9, transverse perineal artery ; 10, obturator fascia; 1 1, anterior superficial perineal nerve ; 12, anal fascia; 13, deep layer of superficial fascia ; 14, external sphincter ani muscle; 15, dorsal nerve of clitoris ; 16, internal pudic artery ; 17, perineal
From pudendal nerve
Innervates clitoris
Latin nervus dorsalis clitoridis
TA A14.2.07.042F
FMA 21870
Anatomical terms of neuroanatomy

The dorsal nerve of the clitoris is a nerve in females that branches off the pudendal nerve to innervate the clitoris.


The dorsal nerve of the clitoris is analogous to the dorsal nerve of the penis in males. It is a terminal branch of the pudendal nerve.

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