Dorsal radiocarpal ligament

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Dorsal radiocarpal ligament
Ligaments of wrist. Posterior view. (Dorsal radio-carpal ligament visible at center.)
From radius
To proximal carpals
Latin Ligamentum radiocarpeum dorsale
TA A03.5.11.003
FMA 40001
Anatomical terminology

The dorsal radiocarpal ligament (posterior ligament) less thick and strong than the volar, is attached, above, to the posterior border of the lower end of the radius; its fibers are directed obliquely downward and medialward, and are fixed, below, to the dorsal surfaces of the navicular (now known as scaphoid), lunate, and triquetral, being continuous with those of the Dorsal intercarpal ligament.

It is in relation, behind, with the Extensor tendons of the fingers; in front, it is blended with the articular disk.

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