Dorsum Guettard

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Dorsum Guettard is a wrinkle-ridge at 10°00′S 18°00′W / 10.0°S 18.0°W / -10.0; -18.0 in Mare Cognitum on the Moon. It is 40 km long and was named after Jean-Etienne Guettard in 1976.

To the north is the large Bonpland crater that connect with other two craters of Parry and Fra Mauro forming a triple crater complex, also northeast which runs in the middle of the complex is Rimae Parry which runs north-south. Nearby selenographical features are Opelt and its rim (Rimae Opelt) to the south, Mons Moro, a mountain to the south-southwest and Kuiper crater to the west.

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