Dorsum Nicol

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Dorsum Nicol

Dorsum Nicol is a wrinkle ridge on the Moon at 18°00′N 23°00′E / 18.0°N 23.0°E / 18.0; 23.0 in Mare Serenitatis near the border of Mare Tranquilitatis. It is 50 km long and was named after William Nicol in 1976.[1]

To the south of Dorsum Nicol are the Rimae Plinius and Plinius crater, and to the southeast is the small crater Brackett located more than 15 km. To the north and perpendicular to Dorsum Nicol are the Dorsa Lister.

In music[edit]

The ridge was featured in the photo of the album, Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks (1983), it displayed from the middle to the right as the north on the album cover is faced to the right.[2]


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