Dorsum Oppel

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Dorsum Oppel and its surrounding craters
Dorsum Oppel

Dorsum Oppel is a wrinkle ridge at 18°42′N 52°36′E / 18.7°N 52.6°E / 18.7; 52.6 in the northwest of Mare Crisium on the Moon. It is 268 km long and was named after Albert Oppel in 1976.[1]

The ridge south at the southwest northeast of Yerkes crater, it heads close to the hills towards the northwest. At the third of the way a small unnamed crater is located. Southeast of the hills is Peirce and Swift craters. It finishes at two unnamed craters, one large that is also concentric and the other small east of it and is located just south of the end of the lunar sea (plain) south of Cleomedes.


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