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A dory is a small, shallow-draft boat.

Dory may also refer to:


  • Dory Chamoun (born 1931), Lebanese politician
  • Charles Dory Dean (1852-1935), Major League Baseball pitcher
  • Dorrel Dory Dixon (born 1935), Jamaican retired professional wrestler
  • Dorrance Dory Funk (1919-1973), professional wrestler
  • Dorrance Dory Funk, Jr. (born 1941), professional wrestler and trainer, son of Dory Funk
  • Dory Lobel (born 1980), American musician, songwriter, composer and producer
  • Dorothy Dory Previn (1925-2012), American lyricist, singer, songwriter and poet
  • Jonathan Dory, NASA Human Systems Integration Lead and aquanaut

Arts and entertainment[edit]

  • Dory, a character in the Finding Nemo film series, voiced by Ellen DeGeneres
  • A song from the album Veckatimest by Grizzly Bear


  • Dory Nunatak, a nunatak in Victoria Land, Antarctica
  • Dory or Doros, Byzantine name for Mangup, a fortress in Crimea

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