Dos Bocas oil fire

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The Dos Bocas oil fire was a 1908 blowout and oil fire that took place in Veracruz, Mexico. The fire started after a blowout occurred, causing crude oil to make contact with the flames that powered the oil derrick. The fire continued from 4 July 1908 to 30 August 1908 - until the oil deposit was burnt out. For the nearly two months that the fire burned, nearly 90000 barrels of oil flowed into the surrounding landscape each day. Ultimately, the Dos Bocas blowout (named for the two gaping black holes it left it the ground - "two mouths") ended up being one of the largest oil spills in the history of the oil industry.[1] 27 kilometers away from the fire, town residents said that they could read the newspapers at night by the light of the flames.[2]

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