Santos (surname)

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Family name
Meaning Saints
Region of origin Portugal, Spain
Related names Dos Santos, De Los Santos, Santo, De Santo, De Santos, Del Santo, Santi, Santis, Santiz, Senti, Sentis

Santos, originally Portuguese or Spanish for Saints (singular Santo), is a common surname of Christian origin in Portuguese and Spanish-speaking countries and the Philippines. Sometimes it can be the final part of a given name, generally preceded by the particle dos (mostly in Portugal and Galicia) or de los (mostly in Spain) (of the, meaning of the Saints, as in Miguel dos Santos, Michael of the Saints). There are also other Iberian grammatical forms that are De Santo, De Santos, Del Santo, Santi, Santis, Santiz, Senti, Sentis and others. It is a name associated with a great number of different people:


The Coat of arms of Alexandre Jose Maria dos Santos, who is a Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church.





  • Johan Santos (born 1987), Filipino television actor
  • Lulu Santos (born 1953), Brazilian singer and guitarist
  • Riza Santos (born 1987), Filipino-Canadian beauty queen
  • Tony Santos, Spanish funk/R&B singer
  • John Michael Santos (born 1976), Filipino business owner of wobniaR, LLC


  • Santos Family, in the American soap opera Guiding Light
  • Matt Santos, character on the United States television show The West Wing
  • Manny Santos, character on the Canadian television show Degrassi: The Next Generation

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