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Dose means quantity (in units of energy/mass) in the fields of nutrition, medicine, and toxicology. Dosage is the rate of application of a dose, although in common and imprecise usage, the words are sometimes used synonymously.

Dose can also mean quantity (in units of number/area) in the fields of Surface science and Ion implantation. See the definition of dose in ISO18115-1, term 4.173 (and compare the related definition of fluence in term 4.217 of the same Standard).

Particular uses in this context including:

  • Dose (biochemistry), the quantity of something that may be eaten by or administered to an organism, or that an organism may be exposed to
    • Overdose, intaking more than your required dose.
  • Absorbed dose, an amount of radiation received
  • Defined daily dose, a World Health Organization statistical measure of drug consumption
  • Dosage form, a mixture of active and inactive components used to administer a medication
  • Dose profile, taken by a radiation detector in order to characterise the radiation beams from medical linear accelerators
  • Dosing, the process of administering a measured amount of a medicine or chemical to an inanimate object or non-human animal
  • Effective dose (pharmacology), the amount of a substance required to produce an effect on a predefined percentage of a population
  • Equivalent dose, a measure of radiation dosage to tissue
  • Maximum tolerated dose, the highest dose of a radiological or pharmacological treatment that will produce the desired effect without unacceptable toxicity
  • Median lethal dose, is the dose of a toxic substance or radiation required to kill half the members of a tested population after a specified test duration
  • Optimal Biological Dose, the quantity of a radiological or pharmacological treatment that will produce the desired effect with acceptable toxicity
  • Physiologic dose, within the range of concentrations or potencies that would occur naturally
  • Reference dose, the United States Environmental Protection Agency's maximum acceptable oral dose of a toxic substance

Media and Music[edit]


  • Paul Dose (1921–2003), officer in the German aerial warfare force during World War II
  • Gerd Dose (1942–2010), professor of English literature and culture at the University of Hamburg from 1985 to 2007

Other uses[edit]

  • Döse, town in Lower Saxony, Germany
  • Dose is sometimes used as a slang term for sexually transmitted infection.
  • A measured quantity of sugar, wine, and sometimes brandy added in the final step in sparkling wine production before bottling
  • Dosage Index, a mathematical figure used by breeders of race horses to quantify a horse's ability
  • Dosa, a popular rice pancake in South India, referred to by Kannadigas as Dosé

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