Doseido Colony, Texas

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Doseido Colony was a small historic settlement which was located in western Wilson County, Texas (USA) one mile north of FM 775, at the intersection of county roads 321 and 361.


The community of Doseido Colony was a small, primarily African American, settlement in Northwestern Wilson County, Texas, one of Eight "colonies" established after the end of the American Civil War. In 1875, the community had a school and church both built out of hand-split logs, and filled with furniture handmade from logs. H. C. Abrams was the school teacher and he was paid $50 a month. With the growth of nearby La Vernia, Adkins, and Lone Oak, and after being bypassed by the railroad and major highways the community declined. All that remains now on the site of the settlement is the Doseido Colony Cemetery, which is partially overgrown by brush, and has many marked and unmarked graves.

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