Doshi, Baghlan

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Doshi, [Pashto/Dari دوشی - بغلان، افغانستان] Dushi, or Dowshi district is located in the central part of Baghlan Province, Afghanistan. It lies on the major Kabul-Kunduz and Kabul-Mazar-e-Sharif highway. The population of the district was estimated to be around 57,160 in 2004.[1] Hazaras [هزاره ها] are around 60% of the population and make up the majority in the district, followed by 39% Tajiks [تاجیک] and a small minority of Pashtuns[2] [پشتون] The centre of the district is Dushi.

  • Baghlan Provincial profile - MRRD [1]
  • Dushi District profile - Aims [2]

It is located at 35°36′31″N 68°41′9″E / 35.60861°N 68.68583°E / 35.60861; 68.68583Coordinates: 35°36′31″N 68°41′9″E / 35.60861°N 68.68583°E / 35.60861; 68.68583 [1] [2]


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