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Origin Brandenburg
Mouth Havel
52°47′42″N 12°12′45″E / 52.79500°N 12.21250°E / 52.79500; 12.21250Coordinates: 52°47′42″N 12°12′45″E / 52.79500°N 12.21250°E / 52.79500; 12.21250
Basin countries Germany
Length 94 km (58 mi)
Basin area 1,268 km2 (490 sq mi)
Course of the Dosse through Brandenburg and Saxony-Anhalt

The Dosse is a river in the district of Ostprignitz-Ruppin in the northwestern part of Brandenburg, Germany. It is a right tributary of the Havel. The Dosse is 94 kilometres (58 mi) long, with its source on the border between Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Brandenburg, arising out of three small brooks that unite after four kilometres. It flows generally south, through Wittstock, Wusterhausen and Neustadt an der Dosse, before joining the Havel near Havelberg in Saxony-Anhalt. The total catchment area is 1,268 square kilometres (490 sq mi).

With the town of Wittstock on its banks, the Dosse was the site of the 1636 Battle of Wittstock between Sweden and an alliance between Imperial and Saxon troops during the Thirty Years' War.

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