Dot.Robot Series

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Dot.Robot, Dot.Robot:Atomic Swarm, Dot.Robot:Cyber Gold
Author Jason Bradbury
Country United Kingdom
Genre Children's, Thriller fiction
Publisher Puffin
Published 5 February 2009
Media type Print (Paperback)

The Dot.Robot Series is a trilogy of techno-thrillers by Jason Bradbury. The series centres on the characters Jackson Farley, Brooke English, the Kojima Twins and Devlin Lear. The first novel in the trilogy was released on 5 February 2009. Its official website is hosted on a server named in the first novel.[1]




Main characters[edit]

  • Jackson Farley: Jackson Farley is a computer whizz-kid. His favourite computer game is Whisper, which he plays under the alias WizardZombie. He is contacted by Devlin Lear to become a member of MeX, a secret government organisation at the beginning of the first book.
  • Brooke English: Brooke English is an American daughter of an Engineer. She spends her time working on self-driving cars and other robotic related projects such as Punk.[3][4]
  • The Kojima twins: The Kojima twins are nine-year-old professional gamers. They have three younger siblings and an overbearing father and mother. They recently won the most prestigious gaming competition in Japan.
  • Devlin Lear/Mr. Pope: Devlin Lear is a businessman with a ruthless streak.[5] He is the founder of MeX and disappears at the end of the first book, only to reappear in the second. He is revealed to be Jackson's biological father in "Dot.Robot:Atomic Swarm".
  • Yakimoto: A ruthless Japanese Diamond dealer/gang boss, Yakimoto killed both of Jackson's parents.[5]

Other characters[edit]

  • Mr. Farley: Jackson's father is a strict parent who is still upset about the death of his wife several years earlier.
  • JP English: The father of Brooke English, JP is a professor of robotics at MIT.
  • Nathaniel Goulman: JP's lab assistant.

Critical reception[edit]

The first novel, Dot.Robot, received generally good reviews with author Eoin Colfer describing it as "The best of a brand new breed of techno-thriller".

Dot.Robot roadshow[edit]

Together with Puffin, Jason Brabury takes the Dot.Robot roadshow to assorted British schools. The roadshow consists of photographs Bradbury has taken on his travels for The Gadget Show, and a selection of robots including a scale model of Punk.[4] There is also a driving challenge, a Q&A and a reading from the book.



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