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Dotsero LeeSiebert 081066.jpg
Dotsero maar in central Colorado near the junction of the Colorado and Eagle rivers.
Highest point
Elevation 6,783 ft (2,067 m) [1]
Coordinates 39°39′38″N 107°2′6″W / 39.66056°N 107.03500°W / 39.66056; -107.03500[1]
Location Dotsero, Colorado,
United States
Topo map USGS Dotsero
Age of rock Holocene[1]
Mountain type maar[1]
Last eruption 2200 BCE ± 300 years[1]
Map pointer
Map of Eagle County
Dotsero near the confluence of the Eagle and Colorado Rivers in Eagle County.

Dotsero is a 700-meter (2,300 ft) wide by 400-meter (1,300 ft) deep maar volcano located in Dotsero, Colorado near the junction of the Colorado River and the Eagle River. It is classified as a scoria cone with evaporitic rock, basaltic tephra, and oxidized sandstone. Erupting approximately 4200 years ago, it is the youngest volcano in Colorado.

Eruption information[edit]

This Holocene volcano erupted in the year 2220 ± 300 years B.C. When Dotsero blew, it created small scoria cones that were constructed along a NNE-SSW line on either side of the maar.[1] The eruption date is based upon radiocarbon dating of wood found underneath some of the scoria.[2] It is one of the youngest eruptions in the continental U.S. and it produced an explosion crater, a lahar, and a 3-kilometer (1.9 mi) long lava flow.[1]

Volcanoes that have erupted in the past 10,000 years are more likely to become active again.[3]

Interstate 70 cuts across the lava flow.


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