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Dotted İ i and dotless I ı are distinct letters in the Latin alphabets of a number of Turkic languages including Turkish, Azerbaijani, and Kazakh, unlike English and most languages using the Latin script, where the capital letter I is dotless (I) while the lowercase letter I has a dot on it (i). They are also used by the common Turkic Alphabet:


  • İstanbul /isˈtanbuɫ/ is the Turkish spelling for Istanbul. It starts with an i sound in standard dialect of Turkish, not an ı.
  • Diyarbakır /diˈjaɾbakɯɾ/ is the Turkish spelling for Diyarbakir. In Turkish the first and last vowels are spelled and pronounced differently.
  • Bakı /bɑˈcɯ/ is the Azerbaijani spelling for Baku.

In contrast, the letter j never has this distinction in these languages, with a dot in the lower case character: J j, but the dotless j does exist in Unicode: ȷ. That letter is sometimes used in mathematics with a combining hat to indicate a unit vector.