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Dou Wei
Dou Wei and band perform, 2007
OccupationSinger-Songwriter, Musician, Composer, Poet
Years active1987 – present
(m. 1996; div. 1999)

Gao Yuan
(m. 2002; div. 2006)
ChildrenLeah Dou (daughter) (b. 1997)
Dou Jiayuan (daughter) (b. 2002)
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese
Simplified Chinese
Musical career
OriginBeijing, China
GenresAlternative Rock, Post-rock, Ambient, folk, Electronic, Chinese rock
InstrumentsFlute, Drums, Guitar

Dou Wei is a Chinese musician, singer-songwriter and composer.


Dou Wei is a multi-instrumentalist and produces music across many genres. He first came to prominence as a member of the hard rock group Black Panther (Hei Bao, 黑豹). In the album Sunny Days and Mountain River, Dou Wei explored new frontiers in electronic and ambience.[citation needed] From there on, Dou Wei's music took the direction of ambience, folk and post-rock. His two last vocal album Acousma and Rainy Murmur with the E band drew influence from the UK post-rock group Bark Psychosis.[1]

Since then[when?] Dou Wei's music became more improvisational and he has consistently collaborated with others and formed the group Indefinite. His 2013 album Golden Curse (殃金咒) was described as "a fifty-minute Buddhist metal freakout".[2] In 2014 he released the "one track album" Horoscope, with Zifeng on flute and Moxi Zishi.[2]

Personal life[edit]

Dou Wei has two daughters: one named Dou Jingtong, born to his ex-wife, Chinese pop singer Faye Wong, and the other one, Dou Jiayuan (窦佳嫄), born to his ex-wife, photographer Gao Yuan (高原).

On 10 May 2006, Dou was arrested after storming the office of The Beijing News' editorial department, destroying a computer keyboard and a DVD player, and pouring water on editors in the office, before setting fire to a car's boot parked in front of the newspaper's office building.[3]

In March 2019, Dou Wei was married to a longtime fan two decades younger than him. She and Dou had a child in 2016.[4]


Solo albums[edit]

  • 1994 Black Dream (黑梦)
  • 1995 Sunny Days (艳阳天)
  • 1998 Mountain River (山河水)
  • 2004 Eight Fragments (八段锦)(recorded between 1995 and 2003)
  • 2013 Yang Jin Mantra (殃金咒)
  • 2015 Tian Zhen Jun Gong (天真君公)


  • 1991 Hei Bao (Panther,黑豹) Black Panther (黑豹乐队)
  • 1994 Black Dream (黑梦) Dreaming (做梦乐队)
  • 1999 Acousma (幻听) with E Band (译)
  • 2000 Rainy Murmur (雨吁) (demo) with E Band (译)
  • 2002 Gloriette by Water (水亭) Mu Liang Wen Wang (暮良文王)
  • 2003 One Stone, Two Birds (壹举·两得) with Indefinite (不一定) (recorded in 2001)
  • 2013 Mu Liang Wen Wang (暮良文王) Mu Liang Wen Wang (暮良文王)
  • 2004 The Story Between the Mirror and Flowers (镜花缘记) with FM3
  • 2004 Three States, Four Scores (三国·四记) with Indefinite (不一定)
  • 2004 Wuque Liuyan (五鹊·六雁) with Indefinite (不一定)
  • 2004 Live On (相相生) Mu Liang Wen Wang (recorded in 2002)
  • 2004 Qiguo Shengdan (期过圣诞) with Indefinite (不一定) (live at Shenzhen, recorded in 2001)
  • 2005 Shan Dou Ji Shi Ye (山豆几石页) Mu Liang Wen Wang (暮良文王)
  • 2005 Ji Ran Pin Qi Guo (祭然品气国) Mu Liang Wen Wang (暮良文王)
  • 2005 Ba He (八和) with Indefinite (不一定)
  • 2005 Jiu Sheng (九生) with Indefinite (不一定)
  • 2006 Shui Xian Hou Gu Qing Feng Yue (水先后古清风乐) with Indefinite (不一定) (live at ARK Bar, Shanghai, recorded in 2005)
  • 2006 Pilgrimage to the East (东游记) with Wu Na, Wen Zhiyong and Zhang Jian (recorded in 2005)
  • 2006 Rainy Murmur (雨吁) with E Band (译)(recorded in 2000)
  • 2006 Hou Guan Yin (后观音) with FM3
  • 2007 Song Ah Zhu Ah Ji (松阿珠阿吉) with Indefinite (不一定)
  • 2007 35651 with Indefinite (不一定)
  • 2007 Zorro in China (佐罗在中国) with Indefinite (不一定)
  • 2008 Wu Yin Huan Yue (五音环乐) with Indefinite (不一定) and Inequable (不一样)
  • 2008 798 with Indefinite (不一定) and Inequable (不一样)
  • 2010 Umbrella of Early Spring (早春的雨伞) with Inequable (不一样)
  • 2010 Autumn (入秋) with Inequable (不一样)
  • 2011 Vocal Music (口音) with E Band (译)
  • 2012 Xiao Yue Dong Lu (箫乐冬炉) with Inequable (不一样)
  • 2012 Di Yin Xia Shan (笛音夏扇) with Inequable (不一样)
  • 2012 2012 Beat (2012拍) with Inequable (不一样)
  • 2014 Horoscope (天宫图) with Inequable (不一样)
  • 2014 Shan He Diao (潸何吊) with Inequable (不一样) and Leah Dou (Vocal)
  • 2015 Shu He Yue Ji (束河乐记) with Inequable (不一样)
  • 2015 Zheng Yue San Qu (正月散曲) with Inequable (不一样)
  • 2016 Fondling Qin on Spring Equinox (春分拾琴图) with Inequable (不一样)
  • 2016 Jian Ting Jian (間聽監) with E Band (译)
  • 2016 Shi Yin Jian (时音鉴) with Inequable (不一样)
  • 2017 Shan Shui Qing Yin Tu (山水清音图) with Inequable (不一样)
  • 2018 Farewell 2017 (送别2017) with Inequable (不一样)
  • 2018 Ma Gu Fu (麻姑符) with Inequable (不一样)
  • 2018 He He Qiu Yue (和合秋月) with Inequable (不一样)

With Faye Wong[edit]


  • 1993 Light of Hope (希望之光) on Rock Beijing (摇滚北京)
  • 1995 Lord (主) on Chinese Fire II (中国火II)
  • 1997 Gracious Trill (婉啼) on Farewell Zhang Ju (再见张炬)
  • 1999 The Grand Joss House (大庙) on Chinese Fire III (中国火III)

Other albums[edit]

  • 1993 Dou Wei & Dreaming: guest featuring in the movie Beijing Bastards (北京杂种) (directed by Zhang Yuan)
  • 1999 OST: My Favourite Snowy Days (我最中意的雪天)(for the movie What A Snow Day (我最中意的雪天))
  • 2001 BOOTLEG: Lamp Whisper Demo (灯语demo) (producer, composer & arranger)
  • 2001 OST: Dazzling (花眼) (for the movie Dazzling (花眼), directed by Li Xin)
  • 2001 OST: The Missing Gun (寻枪) (for the movie The Missing Gun, directed by Jiang Wen)
  • 2001 Musical Drama Story Between the Mirror and Flowers (镜·花·缘)
  • 2001 As the composer for the TV documentary: Huang Xing, a prominent figure during Chinese Revolution of 1911 (百年任务·黄兴)
  • 2001 Dou Wei & Indefinite: master & improvisational performance for The Transparent Box (透明的盒子)
  • 2002 Rekindled Story Between the Mirror and Flowers (再续镜·花·缘)
  • 2005 OST: You and Me (我们俩) (for the movie You and Me directed by Ma Liwen)
  • 2009 OST: Beyond the Window (窗外) (for the movie The Equation of Love and Death(李米的猜想), directed by Cao Baoping)
  • 2011 OST: Itinerant Swordsman (迷走江湖) (for the movie Dragon directed by Peter Chan)
  • 2012 Shang Xia (上下) (sound tracks created specifically for a boutique of SHANG XIA (上下), a brand under Hermès, in Shanghai)
  • 2020 Post epidemic (后疫) (about coronavirus in 2020, published in the name of the Chaojian with the partner Wen Zhiyong)

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