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DoubleDuck is a continuing storyline in the Walt Disney Italy's Donald Duck pocket books.

In the storyline, Donald Duck is working as a secret agent. The storyline began when Donald was given a video tape and told to watch it at home. The tape contained a message from Donald himself, saying he had been enlisted in an espionage agency, which the story says "is so secret it doesn't even have a name", but is instead simply referred to as "the agency". Donald had no recollection of having been enlisted, so he went to investigate, and decided to stay in the agency.

The storyline's main idea is constant secrecy, and how little the characters can trust each other. As a particular example, Kay K, an attractive woman who was given the job of training Donald as an agent was herself revealed to be a double agent, actually working for an enemy organization. Later episodes have hinted that Kay K might really be working for "the agency" after all.

Several stories of Double Duck were published in the US in the pages of Donald Duck and Friends issues 347 through 352.

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