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Double Dragon Publishing is a Canadian-based publisher specializing in e-book format publication. Founded by Deron Douglas in 2000, the company claims the largest collection of titles in the science fiction and fantasy categories currently in print, with annual sales of over 45,000 units.


the firm was founded as a single-imprint small press publisher in 2000 by Deron Douglas. The publishing house has since grown into a stable publisher with eight separate imprints, focusing on different genres, but generally within the science-fiction, fantasy, horror, and paranormal romance subgenres.

While specializing in eBook publication, the firm also releases paperback books, graphic novels, and pocket books.

Authors include Jedaiah Ramnarine, Gail Z. Martin, J.M. Frey, Danny Birt, Geoff Nelder, Simon Drake, Dan DeBono, Tony Teora, E. Rose Sabin, David Conway, Steve Lazarowitz, Michael A. Ventrella, Ben Manning, Margret A. Treiber, Gillian Duce [1](Gillian Duce Madell) and the late Nick Pollotta.

Electronic publishing[edit]

DDP publishes books in Rocket-eBook, Hiebook, Adobe PDF, MS Reader, Mobipocket, iSilo, Franklin eBookMan, and Palm Doc formats. While some selected texts are issued in audiobook format, the majority are electronic only. Their focus on electronic format sales led Piers Anthony to note in 2004 that "DD is one of the best, perhaps THE best, of the electronic publishers".[1]


  • Winner, MyShelf Publishing Award, 2002
  • Winner, Best Performance by a Publisher,, 2002
  • Runner-Up, Wooden Rocket Award for best e-book publisher,, 2003
  • Nominated for four Eppie Awards, 2003
  • Nominated for six Eppie Awards, 2004