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Double Dutch is a 2002 young adult novel by Sharon M. Draper.[1] It focuses on two teenagers (Delia and Randy) and their very different struggles, which eventually collide and threaten their friendship.


Delia is an eighth grader in Cincinnati, Ohio. She competes on a team in the Double Dutch world championships with her friends Yolanda, Charlene, and her friend Randy is the water boy. During school they are told they might have to pass a standardized test in order to be on the team, which is ghastly news for Delia because she can’t read. No one knows Delia can't read except her best friend Yolanda.

After an exciting competition, Delia sees a paper with a picture of Randy’s dad on it, but because she can’t read, she doesn't tell Randy because she thinks he knows. Randy, however, sees it while cleaning up and finds out that Delia saw it too. They fight for a bit, and Randy tells Delia his secret. She feels guilty for not telling him, so she tells Randy that she can’t read and runs out of the gym.

Later she goes to dinner with her mother, and reveals to her secret to her as well. Also, we find out that Randy's dad was robbed while on his route and was just recently discovered


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