Double Island, Hong Kong

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Location of Double Island in Hong Kong
View of Double Island

Double Island (Chinese: 往灣洲) or Wong Wan Chau is an island located in the north-eastern part of Hong Kong. Administratively, it is part of North District.


Double Island has an area of 2.13 km².[1] It is the second largest island in North District, the largest being Crooked Island. Its highest point is at 139 m.[2]


Double Island became part of the Plover Cove (Extension) Country Park in 1979.[3]

Typhoon of 1858[edit]

It is wrongly suggested that it was the Double Island in Hong Kong's Double Haven (Yan Chau Tong, 印洲塘) where the September Typhoon of 1858 destroyed several well-known opium clippers, including the Anonyma, Gazelle, Pantaloon, and Mazeppa. Basil Lubbock's The Opium Clippers, cited in the original entry, is quite clear (p.347) that the Double Island in question was that at what was then called Swatow (today Shantou, 汕头). The island is one of two that lie in the entrance to the river at Shantou and is the inner one, then called Masu. Today it is called Mayu (媽嶼島). For corroboration see Mayers & Dennys, The Treaty Ports of China and Japan (Hong Kong: Shortrede, 1867, p.236) for the identity of Double Island. For the typhoon and the damage to the vessels, The Courier (Hobart, Tasmania), 22nd December, 1858, p.3 for a report of Mr Midwood, of the Commissariat service, resident on Double Island during the typhoon.

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Coordinates: 22°30′45″N 114°18′37″E / 22.51250°N 114.31028°E / 22.51250; 114.31028