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Double dip may refer to:

  • The practice of selling a media item to a consumer multiple times via a special edition
  • Double-dip recession, a recession shape used by economists
  • During the United Kingdom Parliamentary expenses scandal, the term "double dipping" was used to refer to two Members of Parliament (generally a married couple) who live together, both claiming expenses on the rent/mortgage/expenses of the same home. It also applied where one MP claimed their original home on expenses, and the other claimed their London home on expenses.
  • A meteorological term referring to both an "early high" temperature and a "late low" temperature in the same day
  • Double dipping, the practice of simultaneously holding multiple elected positions
  • Double dipping, another name for circular analysis in statistics
  • A lifeline in the game show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? in which a contestant takes two tries at a question. If the contestant's first answer is wrong, he or she must choose from the remaining three answers, but if the second answer is also wrong, the contestant's game is over
  • The practice of using both a tanning bed and a sunless tanning method to achieve a very dark tan
  • Double dipping (Open Access), institutions (universities) pay for open access publishing of an article and pay for the subscription of this journals