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Double ka Meetha
Double Ka Meetha.JPG
Place of originSouth Asia
Region or stateOld Hyderabad State which includes Marathi, Kannada and all Telugu regions (Naizam, Sircar and Ceded) ruled by Nizams and Qutub Shahis. Popular in Hyderabad, India.
Main ingredientsBread, milk and dry fruits
VariationsShahi Tukre

Double ka meetha, also known as Shahi Tukra,[1][2] is a South Asian bread pudding of fried bread slices soaked in hot milk with spices, including saffron and cardamom.[3] Double ka meetha is a dessert of Hyderabad State.[4] It is popular in Hyderabadi cuisine, served at weddings and parties. Double ka meetha refers to the milk bread, called "Double Roti" in the local Indian dialects because it swells up to almost double its original size after baking.

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