Doubs's 1st constituency

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1st constituency of Doubs
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French National Assembly
The constituency within Franche-Comté
Incumbent deputy
 Fannette Charvier
CantonsAudeux, Besançon-Nord-Ouest, Besançon-Ouest, Besançon-Planoise, Boussières, Quingey
Registered voters75,240

The 1st constituency of Doubs (French: Première circonscription du Doubs) is one of five electoral districts in the department of the same name, each of which returns one deputy to the French National Assembly in elections using the two-round system, with a run-off if no candidate receives more than 50% of the vote in the first round.


The constituency is made up of the six former cantons of Audeux, Besançon-Nord-Ouest, Besançon-Ouest, Besançon-Planoise, Boussières, and Quingey.[1]

At the time of the 1999 census (which was the basis for the most recent redrawing of constituency boundaries, carried out in 2010) the 1st constituency had a total population of 108,193.

Since 1988 the constituency has been a bellwether seat: that is to say, one where the voting has so closely matched the pattern exhibited in the overall result nationwide that opinion in the constituency can be viewed as an indicator for the political mood of France as a whole.

Historic representation[edit]

Election Member Party
1986 Proportional representation – no election by constituency
1988 Robert Schwint PS
1993 Claude Girard RPR
1997 Jean-Louis Fousseret PS
2002 Claude Girard UMP
2004 Françoise Branget UMP
2012 Barbara Romagnan PS
2017 Fannette Charvier LREM

Election results[edit]


Candidate Label First round Second round
Votes % Votes %
Fannette Charvier REM 10,902 29.87 15,143 53.49
Barbara Romagnan PS 5,854 16.04 13,169 46.51
Françoise Branget LR 5,170 14.16
Anna Romano FN 4,564 12.50
Habiba Delacour FI 4,238 11.61
Laurent Croizier DIV 1,964 5.38
Pascal Routhier DVD 1,940 5.31
Claudine François-Wilser ECO 546 1.50
Alain Robert ECO 399 1.09
Kevin Meillet DIV 363 0.99
Nicole Friess EXG 301 0.82
Emmanuel Guerrin DIV 262 0.72
Votes 36,503 100.00 28,312 100.00
Valid votes 36,503 97.95 28,312 88.79
Blank votes 442 1.19 2,494 7.82
Null votes 323 0.87 1,082 3.39
Turnout 37,268 49.51 31,888 42.38
Abstentions 38,001 50.49 43,352 57.62
Registered voters 75,269 75,240
Source: Ministry of the Interior


Legislative Election 2012: Doubs' 1st Constituency 2nd round
Party Candidate Votes % ±
PS Barbara Romagnan 22,295 54.73
UMP Françoise Branget 18,964 45.27
Turnout 43,061 58.98
PS gain from UMP Swing

Notes and references[edit]

  1. ^ As defined in 1999; the number and composition of the department's cantons was altered in 2014 but this has not yet been reflected in electoral district boundaries.

Official results of French elections from 2002 taken from "Résultats électoraux officiels en France" (in French).