Doubting Thomas (band)

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Doubting Thomas
Origin Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Genres Industrial
Years active 1987–1994 ?
Labels Metropolis, Wax Trax!, Nettwerk, Subconscious Communications
Website Official Website
Past members cEvin Key, Dwayne Goettel

Doubting Thomas is an industrial band formed by two members of Skinny Puppy: cEvin Key and the late Dwayne Goettel.[1][2] Although considered a Skinny Puppy side project, nearly all the group's music is instrumental. The band shares its name with an American roots band, to whom they have no relation.[3]


Key and Goettel began recording together in 1987. As Doubting Thomas they released an album and an EP in 1991.[4] The duo continued to record occasionally until 1994; Goettel died in 1995.

The album, The infidel, and the EP Father Don't Cry were re-released as a two disc set, first as a limited edition in 2007, and again in 2013.[5] Father Don't Cry was extended with additional material recorded between 1987 and 1994.[6]

Several other Doubting Thomas songs were included in compilations.


  1. 1991 album The Infidel: composed 1987–1990. Released on the WaxTrax! Record Label.[7]
  2. 1991 single/EP Father Don't Cry: recorded 1990. The song "Father Don't Cry" has also been released on The Infidel. Released on the WaxTrax! record label.

Releases after Dwayne Goettel's death in 1995[edit]

  1. 1997 – Compilation Paradigm Shift, Nettwerk record label.
  2. 1997 – Re-release of Father Don't Cry: with additional material, Metropolis Records label.
  3. 2000 – Compilation Wild Planet included the song "Steps". Nettwerk and Subconscious Communications record labels.
  4. 2007 – Re-release of The Infidel and Father Don't Cry as a 2-disc limited edition on Subconscious Communications. Father Don't Cry
  5. 2013 – Re-release of The Infidel and Father Don't Cry as a 2-disc special edition / digital album on Metropolis Records


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