Doubts Even Here

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"Doubts Even Here" is the seventh track of eight on New Order's debut album Movement, released on November 13, 1981. After the death of Joy Division singer Ian Curtis, the surviving members formed New Order with drummer Stephen Morris's girlfriend Gillian Gilbert joining five months later. This led to a dispute over who should fill Curtis' shoes with the lead vocalist role. All three male members were in contention, but due to Bernard Sumner's voice being significantly different from Curtis', New Order opted for him to take the role, wanting New Order's sound to be different from Joy Division's. Ironically with this new vocalist, in addition to "Doubts Even Here", the first track ("Dreams Never End") on the first album recorded by New Order, Movement, is sung by bassist Peter Hook with spoken contributions by Gillian Gilbert, reading from the Bible. The lyrics were written by Stephen Morris.

Official versions[edit]

  • Album version – 4:16


  • "Doubts Even Here" (Razed Club Mix) (unofficial remix by Razed in a New Division of Agony) – 4:32

Covers by other artists[edit]

  • Harry on Essence (New Order Tribute) – 3:46
  • Phantom West on Community 2: A NewOrderOnline Tribute – 4:18
  • Philip Eno as an entry for the Community 2 contest – 4:02
  • Razed in a New Division of Agony on Ceremony: A New Order Tribute and their upcoming debut album – 4:33
  • Vibrissae on Dreams Never End - A Tribute to New Order – 6:00