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Doug Gollan
OccupationEditor in Chief / Founder, Private Jet Card Comparisons

Doug Gollan is a media professional, author and expert in the travel, luxury and private aviation industries. Currently, Gollan is the founder and editor-in-chief of Private Jet Card Comparisons[1] and DG Amazing Experiences,[2] as well as a contributor to Northrop & Johnson's Navigator Magazine,[3] Travel Market Report,[4] Forbes[5] and Sirius Business Publishing's Serendipia.[6]

He co-founded Elite Traveler[7] magazine and previously covered the airline industry for Travel Agent Magazine.[8]


Gollan began his career as a reporter at Travel Agent Magazine in 1987, eventually moving up to Senior Editor, Aviation Editor and later Managing Director where the company tripled revenue during his tenure. The magazine was sold from Universal Media to Advanstar Communications in 1998[9] in what ranked as one of the year's top deals, according to Folio Magazine.[10] He left the publication in 2000 to start Elite Traveler, a consumer lifestyle magazine distributed globally aboard private jets, and served as President and Editor-in-Chief until 2014.[11] During his tenure at Travel Agent Magazine and Elite Traveler, the media companies won over 100 Adrian Awards[12] for excellence and creativity from Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association International.

In 2017 Gollan became the Luxury Editor for Navigator,[13] the lifestyle magazine of yacht broker Northrop & Johnson. He also founded DG Amazing Experiences,[14] a travel and lifestyle e-newsletter for private jet owners in 2015, and, a buyer's guide comparing over 250 private jet card and jet membership programs across 65 points of difference in 2017. In 2015 Gollan helped launch Galerie,[15] the luxury lifestyle platform of Essentially America's China Edition, targeting the hard-to-reach Chinese repeat visitor to the U.S., helping to create a positioning strategy, sales decks and proposal content and generate publicity.

Gollan has served as an expert voice on the travel and luxury markets for outlets such as CNBC,[16] USA Today,[17] NBC News,[18] Luxury Daily,[19] The Street, Conde Nast Traveler[20] and many others.

Gollan is the co-author of Sales Superstars: Secrets of Selling to the Super Rich,[21] Taking the Reigns: Insights into the World of Ultra-Rich Inheritors and The Sky's the Limit: Marketing to the New Jet Set,[22] and the author of 23 Ways to Create More Sales Opportunities in 25 Minutes.[23]

Awards, affiliations and board memberships[edit]

Gollan was named one of Verb Brand's Top 25 Digital Luxury Experts in 2015,[24] and was a Trustees’ Medal Recipient from Mercy College in 2013.[25] He has been a member of the Luxury Marketing Council and the World Travel and Tourism Council. He is currently a member of the National Business Aviation Association.

A member of Sirius Business Publishing's board of directors, Gollan is also a management board member of the Travel Market Report.[26]


Gollan attended the University of Missouri-Columbia.

Personal life[edit]

Gollan is divorced with three adult children. His son Casey A. Gollan was a leader in the student uprising at Cooper Union, which led to a change in leadership.[27]


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