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Doug Hall is Founder & Chairman of Eureka! Ranch International. He is a lecturer, best-selling author, tv and radio host, and is a chemical engineer by education. He was Master Marketing Inventor at Procter & Gamble - shipping a record 9 products in 12 months. For his pioneering work turning innovation from an art into a science Hall was awarded a Doctor of Laws from the University of Prince Edward Island and a Doctor of Engineering from the University of Maine.[1]

Eureka! Ranch International[edit]

Hall founded Eureka! Ranch in 1986. Originally designed as a "think tank for hire",[2] the Ranch worked primarily with Fortune 100/500 companies looking for new product ideas.[3] The Ranch partnered with the University of Maine in 2005 with the founding of a new field of study called Innovation Engineering.[4] Designed as a system based on the principles of W. Edwards Deming and the Quality Movement, it consists of 48 skills[5] designed to instill a mindset of never-ending innovation.

The 48 skills are the foundation for both the academic system and corporate consulting, with students graduating and private industry customers completing Black Belt[6] Certification to mark mastery of the 48 skills.

Eureka! Ranch claims to separate themselves from other "innovation consultants" based on the following elements:

  • Delivery of a complete system for innovation, from creation to commercialization
  • Continuous improvement of tools and systems as the only major innovation firm investing in new research and development
  • Practical tools proven by data; designed to be understood by everyone and powerful enough to be trusted by anyone
  • Insistence on meaningful uniqueness; Eureka! Ranch classifies an innovation as only those ideas that both have additional meaning to someone's life and being new to the world
  • Entrepreneurial approach; a focus on empowering individuals creates opportunities for collaboration and fun.[7]

Merwyn Technology[edit]

The R&D team of Eureka Ranch have developed an AI system called Merwyn Technology. This system is used to evaluate abstract ideas before additional effort is used to substantiate it. The system was named after Hall's father Merwyn Bradford Hall, who always hated the name Merwyn.[8]

Published books[edit]

  • Jump Start Your Brain (Clerisy Press, 2010)
  • Maverick Mindset with David Wecker (Simon & Schuster, 1997)
  • Jump Start Your BUSINESS Brain (Emmis Books, 2001)
  • Jump Start Your MARKETING Brain (Clerisy Press, 2010)
  • North Pole Tenderfoot: A Rookie Goes on a North Pole Expedition Following In Admiral Peary's Footsteps (Clerisy Press, 2009)
  • Driving Eureka!: Problem Solving with Data Driven Methods and the Innovation Engineering System (Clerisy Press, 2018).

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