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DJ Douggpound in 2009

Doug Lussenhop (born March 8, 1973), known professionally as "DJ Douggpound", is an American musician, video editor, and comedian.[1][2] Doug is best known as the editor for Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!, that features his trademark editing style, which the show is known for.[3] Doug edited and acted in many Tim & Eric projects including Tom Goes to the Mayor, Tim and Eric Nite Live, and their feature film, Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie.

Early life[edit]

Doug was born and raised in Darien, Illinois.[4] His early work includes collaborating with Eric Fensler in the creation of his GI Joe PSA's parodies.[5] Doug attended the College of DuPage[6] and Columbia College Chicago where he studied film.[7] After college Doug and David Dobie founded Heaven Gallery, a small art gallery in Chicago.[8][9] During this time, Doug was a creator of video art, even having his work showcased at MoMA PS1 in New York.[10]

Television career[edit]

Doug has had a lengthy career in television editing, specifically as an editor for comedy programs. Notable programs include Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!, The Eric Andre Show, and Portlandia.[11] In 2015, Doug co-developed and co-wrote with Daniel Weidenfeld, an 11-minute live-action pilot for Adult Swim created by Weidenfeld and starring himself, called The Pound Hole; TBS in 2017 greenlighted it as a TV series which its premiere is still unknown.[12]


In 2007, Doug created and starred in "The Poundcast" a sketch series that aired on The series featured surreal sketches, each with a musical theme.

Podcasting career[edit]

Along with fellow comedians Neal Brennan and Moshe Kasher, Doug cohosted The Champs podcast, where Doug interrupted and guided the interviews with well-timed musical cues, and audio drops.[13] After departing from The Champs, Doug started his own podcast, "The Poundcast" which he hosts with Brent Weinbach.[14] Lussenhop is also a co-host of "Office Hours with Tim Heidecker" along with Vic Berger.[15]

Pound House[edit]

In 2013, Doug created and starred in the web series "Pound House", alongside frequent collaborator Brent Weinbach.[16] The series was produced by Jash, and was filmed largely at Doug's Los Angeles home.

Musical comedy[edit]

Along with creating original music for television programs, Doug is a self-described "Joke DJ" and creates songs that combine music and comedy.[17][18] Doug was the opening act for Tim & Eric during their various international tours.[19][20] In 2009 Doug released "Pound It" an album that featured original songs, many of which Doug had created for sketches in his "Poundcast" series.[21] As the comedy trio "2 Wet Crew" Doug Lussenhop, Mikey Kampmann and Jay Weingarten create sketches and host a live comedy show in Los Angeles.[22][23]


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