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Doug McHenry is an American film director and producer.

Doug McHenry was born in 1952 and grew up in Richmond, California. He graduated from Stanford University in 1973 with a degree in economics, and from Harvard University with a degree in law and business administration.[1]

He worked for film producer Peter Guber at Casablanca Records as a business affairs executive then production executive, involved in films Thank God It's Friday (1978), The Hollywood Knights (1980) and Foxes (1980)[2] before starting his own production company, Elephant Walk Entertainment, with partner George Jackson. Jackson and McHenry produced a number of films together including Krush Groove, New Jack City, Jason's Lyric, A Thin Line Between Love and Hate and the series of House Party films.[3][4][5]

He directed Jason's Lyric starring Jada Pinkett Smith, Allen Payne, and Forest Whitaker.[6][7]


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