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Doug Pagitt (born July 5, 1966) is an author associated with the emerging church movement and founding pastor of Solomon's Porch in South Minneapolis.[1] [2] During weekly "gatherings" of Solomon's Porch, instead of giving traditional sermons, Pagitt facilitates dialogical talks, encouraging questions and participation from the congregation. [3]

Pagitt is also a Senior Fellow with Emergent Village: a generative friendship of missional church leaders around the world and a leading architect of the emergent church discussion. He sees the emergent movement not as one organization but as an "incubation center" that has influenced hundreds of organizations by inspiring new ways of thinking of the Christian faith.[4] In recent years, he has come to advocate for a what is termed a "Generous Christianity" through his involvement with Cana Initiative/Convergence.[5]

In 2010 Pagitt launched the Doug Pagitt Radio Program on AM950 to discuss theology and culture.[6]



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