Doug Turner (Mozilla)

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Doug Turner
Born (1975-01-26) January 26, 1975 (age 49)
Alma materSan Jose State
OccupationEngineering Leader
SpouseMarcie Turner
ChildrenDylan Turner
Madison Turner

Doug Turner is the ex-Director of Engineering at Mozilla Corporation and long-time contributor to Mozilla. The Mozilla Foundation hired Turner in December 2004 to work full-time on mobile projects such as Minimo[1] and Mozilla Joey.[2] He was the Foundation's 12th hire.[3] Turner was previously employed by Netscape before the creation of the Mozilla Foundation.

Doug Turner invented Geolocation[4][failed verification] on the Web,[5] Device Orientation on the web[citation needed], and is a leader in device access.[6][failed verification][unreliable source?] Doug Turner invented Simple Push Notifications.[7][failed verification][8][failed verification] Push Notification are a way for application developers to send messages to their web applications.

Doug Turner was the maintainer of the now-defunct Minimo[9] project and worked on its successor Firefox for mobile[citation needed]. Doug Turner led the effort to rewrite the Firefox Mobile browser in order to improve performance, responsiveness, and memory usage.[10][failed verification]

Doug Turner left Mozilla in September 2016.[11]


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