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Doug Turner
Doug Turner Camera Capture.png
Born (1975-01-26) January 26, 1975 (age 43)
Mountain View, California
Residence Campbell, California
Alma mater San Jose State
Occupation Engineer
Employer Mozilla
Spouse(s) Marcie Turner
Children Dylan Turner
Madison Turner

Doug Turner is the ex-Director of Engineering at Mozilla Corporation and long-time contributor to Mozilla. The Mozilla Foundation hired Turner in December 2004 to work full-time on mobile projects such as Minimo[1] and Mozilla Joey.[2] He was the Foundation's 12th hire.[3] Turner was previously employed by Netscape before the creation of the Mozilla Foundation.

Doug Turner invented Geolocation [4][not in citation given] on the Web,[5] Device Orientation on the web[citation needed], and is a leader in device access.[6][not in citation given][unreliable source?] Doug Turner invented Simple Push Notifications.[7][not in citation given][8][not in citation given] Push Notification are a way for application developers to send messages to their web applications.

Doug Turner was the maintainer of the now-defunct Minimo[9] project and worked on its successor Firefox for mobile[citation needed]. Doug Turner led the effort to rewrite the Firefox Mobile browser in order to improve performance, responsiveness, and memory usage.[10][not in citation given].

Doug Turner left Mozilla in September 2016.[11]


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