Doug Williams (comedian)

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Doug Williams
Birth name Douglas Williams
Born Montgomery, Alabama, U.S.
Medium comedy, television, film
Years active 1990–present
Genres Observational comedy

Doug Williams is a comedian, writer, and actor from Montgomery, Alabama.


Williams began performing stand-up comedy in 1990, five years before graduating from Alabama State University in 1995. After college Williams moved to Los Angeles where he landed small roles in the 1996 remake of The Nutty Professor and First Kid. Since then, he has had guest roles on many sitcoms, including The Bernie Mac Show.

Doug Williams has served as host and executive producer of "Martin Lawrence Presents 1st Amendment Stand-up" for the past four seasons.

Williams is currently[needs update] co-writing his own TV sitcom titled Domestic Doug.[1] The show centers around protagonist "Doug Salter", a stand-up comedian trying to make it in Hollywood not unlike Williams himself.

Emmitt Smith roast[edit]

Doug Williams gained internet notoriety in 2006 when a clip of him at a 2003 roasting of Emmitt Smith surfaced on the internet.[2] During Williams's set Jamie Foxx continuously interrupted Williams' performance, speaking into his own microphone and interrupting Williams and making sarcastic remarks, such as that Williams say something about how hard life is for black people or say something about Emmitt Smith and end his routine.

In February 2010, Williams spoke about the incident in an interview with LAist "I think a lot of people read more into it than it was. It was a roast, I'm not a roast-type of comedian. The situation just kind of caught me off-guard. I was new at the time. I was new to that environment. I was new to roasting. It's one of those things that happened and I'm better for it. It was a long time ago, I've learned a lot since then and I've come a long way since then." He added, "At that time, Jamie Foxx was an established well known comedian. Nobody knew who I was. It was a situation where no matter what happened, I wasn't going to get the best of him in that setting."[3]


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