List of presidents of Brigham Young University–Idaho

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The following people have served as principals or presidents of Brigham Young University-Idaho, also known as the Bannock Stake Academy (1888–1903), Ricks Academy (1903–17), Ricks Normal College (1917–23), and Ricks College (1923–2000).

Name Years Title School Name
Jacob Spori 1888–91 Principal Bannock Stake Academy
Charles N. Watkins 1891–94 Principal
George Cole 1894–99 Principal
Douglas M. Todd 1899–1901 Principal
Ezra C. Dalby 1901–14 Principal Bannock Stake Academy (1901–03)
Ricks Academy (1903–14)
Andrew B. Christenson.jpg Andrew B. Christensen 1914–17 Principal Ricks Academy
George S. Romney.jpg George S. Romney 1917–31 President Ricks Normal College (1917–23)
Ricks College (1923–31)
Hyrum Manwaring 1931–44 President Ricks College
John L. Clarke 1944–71 President
Henry B. Eyring2.jpg Henry B. Eyring 1971–77 President
Bruce C. Hafen 1978–85 President
Joe J. Christensen.jpg Joe J. Christensen 1985–89 President
Steven D. Bennion 1989–97 President
Elder Bednar.jpeg David A. Bednar 1997–2004[1] President Ricks College (1997–2001)
Brigham Young University–Idaho (2001–04)
Robert M. Wilkes 2004–05[2] Interim President Brigham Young University–Idaho
Kim B. Clark PR photo.jpeg Kim B. Clark 2005–15[3] President
Clark Gilbert 2015[4]–2017[5] President
Henry J. Eyring 2017[6]–present President


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