Douglas Parish, New Brunswick

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Location within York County, New Brunswick.
Location within York County, New Brunswick.
Coordinates: 45°58′48″N 66°43′57″W / 45.98°N 66.7325°W / 45.98; -66.7325
Country  Canada
Province  New Brunswick
County York
Established 1824
 • Land 1,446.78 km2 (558.60 sq mi)
Population (2011)[1]
 • Total 6,081
 • Density 4.2/km2 (11/sq mi)
 • Pop 2006-2011 Increase 5.3%
 • Dwellings 2,370
Time zone AST (UTC-4)
 • Summer (DST) ADT (UTC-3)

Douglas is a Canadian parish in York County, New Brunswick.[2]

Its population in the 2011 Census was 6,081.


Douglas Parish was established in (before 1813) as part of York County and named for (unknown). Douglas Parish included ? Parish until ?, and ? Parish until ?.


Douglas Parish is defined in the Territorial Division Act[3] as being bounded:

South and southeast by the Saint John River and the City of Fredericton; west by a line commencing at the mouth of the Keswick River; thence following the various courses of the said Keswick River up to the mouth of the Howard Brook; thence by the magnet of the year one thousand eight hundred and sixty-nine north forty degrees west till it strikes the County line; northwest by the County line, and east by Stanley and Saint Marys Parishes, including Upper Shores, Lower Shores, Mitchells, Merrithews[a] and Keswick Islands, and the north range of lots, comprising lots number one to number nine, inclusive, and number thirty-seven to number seventy-one, inclusive, on Sugar Island.


Parish population total does not include incorporated municipalities (in bold):


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  1. ^ Officially a former name for Lower Shores Island, this may actually refer to one of the small islands between Lower Shores and Upper Shores Islands.


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Coordinates: 45°58′48″N 66°43′57″W / 45.98000°N 66.73250°W / 45.98000; -66.73250 (Douglas Parish, New Brunswick)