Douglas Wright (murderer)

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Douglas Franklin Wright (March 25, 1940 – September 6, 1996) was the first criminal executed by lethal injection in Oregon.

The crimes[edit]

He was sentenced to death on October 11, 1993 for luring three homeless white men to a remote area of Wasco County on the Warm Springs Indian Reservation with a false promise of work, and then killing them. Wright later admitted killing a fourth man, Anthony Nelson, a Makah Indian. If Wright had not quit his appeal process, he would have been tried before a federal court in the Nelson case, because killing a Native American on an Indian reservation is a federal crime, under the Major Crimes Act.

Shortly before his execution, Wright confessed to the abduction and murder of Portland, Oregon 10-year-old Luke Tredway, committed in 1984.[1]

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