Doulos SIL

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Doulos SIL
Designer(s)SIL International
LicenseSIL Open Font License

Doulos SIL (Ancient Greek for "slave") is a serif typeface developed by SIL International, very similar to Times or Times New Roman. Unlike Times New Roman, Doulos only has a single face, Regular. The goal of its design according to the SIL International website is to "provide a single Unicode-based font family that would contain a comprehensive inventory of glyphs needed for almost any Roman- or Cyrillic-based writing system, whether used for phonetic or orthographic needs."[1] Along with Charis SIL and Gentium, it is licensed under the SIL Open Font License (OFL).[2] This font has a cousin specially designed for numbered musical notation named Doulos SIL Cipher.


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