Dounan, Yunlin

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Coordinates: 23°41′N 120°29′E / 23.683°N 120.483°E / 23.683; 120.483

Dounan Township
Skyline of Dounan Township斗南鎮
Location of Dounan Township in Yunlin County.
Location of Dounan Township in Yunlin County.
Country Taiwan
County Yunlin
 • Type Strong magistrate-council
 • Magistrate Huang Fu-chung
 • Total 48.1505 km2 (18.5910 sq mi)
Population (December 2014)
 • Total 46,013
Time zone CST (UTC+8)
Postal code 630

Dounan Township (Chinese: 斗南鎮; pinyin: Dòunán Zhèn) is an urban township in Yunlin County, Taiwan.


The original name of Dounan is Taliwu (他里霧), which is named after one of the branches of an aboriginal tribe.[1] The development of Taliwu had started since the Ming Dynasty, when Koxinga came to Taiwan. It is the first place explored by the Han Chinese in the Yunlin area. During the Japanese rule period, Taliwu was rebuilt as an administrative division under the governance of Huwei and renamed to Dounan in 1920. In 1946, it became an independent township.


Dounan is located on a plain with flat terrain. The elevation of the township is 33 meters above sea level and it inclines from east to west.[2]

Administrative divisions[edit]

Tungren Village, Xiqi Village, Nanchang Village, Beiming Village, Zhongtian Village, Linzi Village, Shigui Village, Shixi Village, Jingxing Village, Xinnan Village, Adan Village, Jiangjun Village, Jiushe Village, Mingchang Village, Datung Village, Beima Village, Xiba Village, Xinlun Village, Tungming Village, Xinguang Village, Tiantou Village and Xiaotung Village.


Most of the land use in Dounan is for agriculture, which makes up about 10.4 km2. The majority of the business in the township is low-level service, in which most of them are retail stores.

Tourist attractions[edit]


Dounan is the transport center for Yunlin County.