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Doupi is a well known local dish from Wuhan in the Hubei province of China.[1]

This dish was invented in 1931 by a local chef who improved the traditional Doupi cooking style[2] and later went on to open the famous restaurant LaoTongCheng.

The name of the food comes from the material of the outside layer, which is made out of a blend of green bean powder, eggs, milk, and flour. The inside of the Doupi usually contains fried sticky rice blend with bean curb dice, sliced pork, mushrooms, and scallions.[3] Once it has been fully cooked, it is cut into small pieces, about 5~8cm apiece. Each serving consists of two to three pieces.

There are many different flavours of Doupi. For example, it can also be made with beef, shrimp, or mushrooms.[4]

It is one of the main breakfasts for locals.

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