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Doutor Coffee
Native name
Doutor Coffee Co., Ltd.
Public company
Traded as TYO: 9952
Industry Restaurants
Retail coffee and tea
Retail beverages
Founded 1976
Founder Toriba Hiromichi (鳥羽博道)
Headquarters Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Area served
Japan, South Korea, Taiwan
Key people
Toriba Yutaka (鳥羽豊)
Products Whole bean coffee
Made-to-order beverages
Services Coffee
Website Doutor Coffee

Doutor Coffee (株式会社ドトールコーヒー) is a Japanese retail company that specializes in coffee roasting and coffee shop franchising. It was founded by Toriba Hiromichi.

Doutor Coffee Shop


The company currently has over 900 locations in Japan, has begun expansion in Taiwan and South Korea. It is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Altogether, Doutor Coffee has over 1,200 outlets.[1]


Doutor Coffee opened the first European styled café in Harajuku, Japan on 18 April 1980. The size of the small shop was only 9 square meters. Despite the small size and local competition, the Doutor Coffee shop succeeded and has expanded to the company that it is now.[1]

Doutor Coffee opened its own coffee plantation in 1991 in Kona District, Hawaii. It opened a second plantation in 1995.[2]

Roasting coffee[edit]

Roasting coffee using hot air is a commonly used method by most roasting plants, but it takes away the original flavor of the coffee. Doutor Coffee explored other ways to roast the coffee, but in a more effective way that retains the flavor in the coffee. Doutor Coffee utilizes the flame roasting approach which is laborious and time-extensive, but it allows richly flavored coffee beans. Since flame roasting is used more for small shops due to the fact that it can only roast 5 kg to 20 kg of beans at a time, Doutor Coffee is trying to create an industrialized flame roasting technique.

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