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Douwe Egberts
Douwe Egberts logo.png
DE utrecht ingang.jpg
Douwe Egberts building in Utrecht, Netherlands
Product type Beverages
Owner Jacobs Douwe Egberts
Country Netherlands
Introduced 1753
Markets Worldwide
Tagline "No ordinary jar. No ordinary coffee."

Douwe Egberts is a brand of coffee, and company namesake owned by parent company Mondelez International, produced by Jacobs Douwe Egberts. It was founded in Joure, Netherlands by Egbert Douwes in 1753 as The White Ox (De Witte Os) a general grocery shop, which later developed into a company dealing specifically in coffee, tea, and tobacco. By 1925 it had changed its name to Douwe Egberts (as in Douwe, the son of Egbert), and had introduced the red seal with initialism as its logo.[1]

Origin and tradition[edit]

Loyalty points of coffee brand Douwe Egberts

Douwe Egberts' origins are in Joure, where Egbert Douwe established a grocery shop called "De Witte Os" ("The White Ox") in 1753. The company transferred to his eldest son Douwe Egberts in 1780, from whom it adopted its current name.

The coffee brand Douwe Egberts, especially the more affordable red label, is the traditional coffee drink found in Dutch homes for many years. On the back of the packs of coffee and tea, collectible seals were printed. Traditionally housewives cut these seals to change them for cups, coffeemakers, tea tins etc. This system began around 1925.[2]


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